WATSOL Sewer Overflow Technology

Drapper Environmental Consultants is the Australian Licensee for this innovative technology that removes the solids from emergency sewer overflows.

About the Watsol Sewer Comb Technology

The WATSOL Sewer Comb provides a cost-effective, high-efficiency, low-maintenance solution to remove >6mm solids from sewage during overflow events. 

Using proven, unique, self-cleansing technology, captured materials are able to be returned to the sewer for transport to the treatment plant once the overflow event recedes.  It can be easily retrofitted into existing manhole structures or supplied in precast/cast in-situ chambers, or designed to each specific site constraint.

As well as those mentioned above, the Watsol Sewer Comb has many advantages over other overflow technologies, such as:

  • It has no mechanical parts

  • It requires minimal cleaning or ongoing maintenance

  • The screening takes place below the weir, meaning backwater in the upstream sewer is avoided

  • Installation and maintenance time and costs are usually significantly less than mechanical screens

How does the Watsol Sewer Comb work?

  1. The Watsol Sewer Comb uses stainless steel combs to block, filter, or screen solids from the overflowing weir nappe.

  2. A hydrostatically-actuated ball valve helps to isolate solids in a holding chamber as water flow increases.

  3. The combs intercept and capture the solids in the holding chamber. The combed nappe then passes through a perforated screen to a filtered water chamber before discharging to the receiving water.

  4. As flows recede, the quick-acting ball valve releases the captured sewer solids back to the sewer chamber

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