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Floating Wetlands Design, Stormwater Management Plan & Lake Water Quality Management

Bribie Lakes, QLD — Gemlife

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is a concept that focuses the design of urban developments (residential estates, commercial premises and master planned communities) around water - to reduce erosion of our waterways, minimise pollutants released and keep our communities cool and green. It can be achieved through a varied treatment train of nature-based (green) solutions and constructed (grey) infrastructure.

Bribie Lakes is an Over 50s Lifestyle Village located at Bongaree, Bribie Island, QLD. Consisting of 404 dwellings, Community Clubhouse, and recreation facilities, it overlooks a ~5.8 hectare, man-made lake.

Key Features

  • Gross Pollutant Traps capture floating litier
  • Floating Wetlands treat stormwater within Lake footprint
  • Facilitates large open water areas and removes pollutants
  • Cools surrounding areas
  • Detains upstream flows


  • Acid Sulfate Soils
  • Very flat grades
  • 50+ hectares of National Park, including Melaleuca wetlands, upstream of Dux Lake
  • High groundwater in sandy soils


Floating wetlands and gross pollutants traps (GPTs) were designed and installed to ensure water quality of the lakes were maintained to the Environmental Values. Regular monitoring of the water quality in the Lakes was performed to observe any changes. Aerial and underwater drones were deployed to inspect the floating wetlands for anchor integrity and plant health.
Drapper Environmental Consultants are industry leaders in the research and design of Floating Wetlands in Australia. We have been studying and designing these innovative water quality improvement technologies for over a decade, and have been instrumental in the advancement of their understanding in Australia, in particular, in saline locations. We work with a variety of manufacturers and technology providers to deliver the best outcome for our clients. In the Bribie Lakes development case, we were able to prove that the water quality was good enough to minimise the Floating Wetland footprint to less than 1% of the contributing catchment.

Floating Wetlands

Drapper Environmental Consultants are specialists in the research, design and monitoring of Floating Wetlands. These high performing stormwater treatment measures require detailed understanding and experience to maximise performance, minimise footprint and optimise economic outcomes. We are leaders in this technology Australia-wide and internationally.

Drone Inspection of assets

Our fleet of underwater and aerial drones make inspections of assets easy and safe. From evaluation of sacrificial anodes on ships, to anchor cables on floating wetlands, and bridges crossings, we can quickly, simply and safely inform asset owners of condition and maintenance requirements.


Our Mission is to solve our client's challenges in the environmental, water, stormwater and wastewater fields by providing tailored, cost-effective, innovative solutions.
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