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Development and growth is a part of our growing world. Effective planning and design to ensure that this growth occurs sustainably is part of the suite of services we offer. Assisting our clients to grow their own businesses and minimise their impact on the environment is one of our company goals.

Environmental authorities in every State, and the wider community, are setting higher expectations for environmental protection, and navigating this pathway requires expert knowledge and experience. With our unique set of skills and broad network of specialists, we help our clients successfully meet their licence obligations and achieve the desired approvals.

Urban development applications (DAs) require a range of standard environmental reports to satisfy Planning legislation and regulations.

Environmental Planning & Concepts

Drapper Environmental Consultants are backed by 27 years of experience in the area and have helped create sustainable outcomes for public and private entities with environmental planning since 2009.

  • Stormwater management plans (XPSWMM, MUSIC Modelling)
  • Effluent Irrigation Disposal Modelling (MEDLI)
  • Environmental management plans (EMP)
  • Site-based environmental management plans (SBMP)
  • Environmental approval applications (EA)
  • Lake water quality management plans
  • Water balance optimisation
  • Erosion and sediment control plans (ESCP)
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic (XP-SWMM, TUFLOW), flood modelling
  • Water quality management

Lab Testing

  • Hydraulic testing
  • Water quality testing

Environmental Approvals

The Australian Federal Government, along with each state and territory, have a series of laws and regulations surrounding the design and development of projects. Approvals are granted to concepts and plans that meet these requirements.

Environmental approvals are important to ensure natural ecosystems and areas of national significance are protected. Drapper Environmental Consultants can prepare applications and supporting reports for Environmental Authorities under various jurisdictions.

  • Proposed project design and plans
  • Assessment of environmental footprint
  • Environmental impact reduction or improvement
  • The site description and surrounding areas
  • Outline of the site uses and proposed uses
Environmental consultant testing water and field monitoring
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Environmental Planning & Approvals FAQs

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